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Ives Vom Räuberweg
Information about Ives:

Date of Birth: 03/05/2015


BH, IPO 1 ,

Norwegian Champion

Swedish Mental Test

Russian Mental Test OKD 1

Junior Russian Champion

Russian Champion


Norwegian Sieger Winner 2018



Norwegian Rottweiler Speciality Show 28/05/2023 Guido Räppold Veteran V3,CK
Nr 1 Best Offspring class
Norwegian Rottweiler Speciality Show 27/05/2023 Jouni Nummela Veteran V3
Norwegian Rottweiler Speciality Show 18/08/2019 Olga Grin Champion V1,CK, 4th best male
Norwegian Rottweiler Speciality Show 02/06/2019 Christian Bernbacher Working V1, CK, Best Male &
Best Of Breed
Norwegian Winner Show 2018 18/11/2018 Rob Douma Champion V1, CK, 3rd best male
Nordic Winner Show 2018 16/11/2018 Henrik Fuchs Rassmusen Champion V1, CK, 3rd best male
Norwegian Rottweiler Speciality Show 27/10/2018 Bruno B. Morstabilini Champion V 1, CK ,2nd best male
Norwegian Rottweiler Speciality Sieger Show 01/09/2018 Jouni Nummela Champion V 1 , Norwegian Sieger Winner 2018
CAC Letohallen 27/01/2018 Peter Jolley Champion V1 , CAC, CK Best Of Breed
Norwegian Champion
CACIB Swedish Winner Show 17/12/2017 Pieter Friedrich Working V3
 Schäferhundklubben Habo Furusjö
Swedish Mental Test Trail
12/11/2017 Göte Roman   Passed
TEST FOR IPO 1 21/05/2017     Passed
A:93 B:90 C:95

TEST FOR BH 20/05/2017     Passed
  07/03/2017     V1 ,CAC
Russian Champion
  13/11/2016 Sergii Slukin Intermedia V1 ,CAC, Best Of Breed
(ChF OANKOO) Moscow
06/11/2016 Yana Gavrilova Intermedia V1 , r.CAC
(KChF RFSS) Moscow
05/11/2016 Nikolay Kashirin Intermedia V1, CAC, Best Of Breed
(BSF RFLS) Moscow
05/11/2016 Viktor Shiyan Intermedia V1,CAC, Best Of Opposite Sex
World Dog Show 2016
26/06/2016 Peter Friedrich Junior V
ChRKF (Zarechny)
12/06/2016 Dmitry Trofimov Junior V1 J.CAC, Junior Best Of Breed
Junior Russian Champion
Summer Show, ChRKF (Ekaterinburg)
05/06/2016 Victor Pilikin Junior V1
Star Show - 2016 (Ekaterinburg) Russia 23/04/2016 Mstislav Polivanov Junior V1 J.CAC, Junior Best Of Breed
KCh RFSS (Ekaterinburg) Russia 10/04/2016 Ekaterina Krylova Junior V1 , J.CAC , Junior Best Of Breed, Best Of Breed


Dommer:Guido Räppold ADRK
Ives Vom Räuberweg🇩🇪 NR 1 med HP med barna hans:
Wicked Game Rihanna, Wicked Game Wictor, Wicked Game Mattis,
& Wicked Game Walco🥰❤️


Norwegian Champion




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