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Hi,my name is Christina Tronstad Larsen,
Me with Multi Champion Gil Von Hause Milsped back in 2007, this was a true Legend.
Owned by:Von Milsped Kennel in Serbia.

My experience with rottweilers, started at a early age.
In the late 90', i bought my first male,
a nice male grandson of the famous multi champion ADRK male
Falko Vom Sittard at this time.

Me and Grego back in 1997

My breeding journey started under kennel name "Hellastar " FCI 22/98.
(Hellastar Kennel started in 1998)
I am very blessed of have been breeding under Hellastar kennel with big success
with many many excellent & healthy dogs ,
with IPO 1,2,3 ,BH, ZTP with champions of several countries ,
International champion and of course of IFR BPOB back in 2010.
I had around 45 litters under Hellastar kennel.

Hellastar Ulysses IPO 3
ZTP ( Helmut Weiler)

Hellastar Zoe Winner at IFR 2010

At my time in Hellastar Kennel ,
we exported dogs to many countries such as,
Germany, USA, Serbia, Sweden,Norway , Finland, South Africa,
Spain, France,Egypt and many more.

I have done multi pal interviews regarding the breed and
i have written in a several magazines
about the true rottweiler in Greece ,
and in a international magazine of rottweilers (Total Rottweilers Magazine).

I left Hellastar Kennel in summer of 2015, to start my own kennel in Norway.
My goal has always been to breed excellent examples of the breed,
both healthy and type like and with the temperament of the breed.
I want the hole package in a rottweiler.
I believe a excellent rottweiler can be found everywhere,
that's the reason i have bought rottweilers from many countries,
example such as Germany , USA , Serbia, Scandinavia and
i don't follow a certain bloodline ( except my own).
I have traveled and i have been in the above countries to experienced first hand,
the rottweiler type to have my own opinion.

Wicked Game was founed in 2015
and we plan to have a great and successful road a head of us .....

* We became the best breeders at the Norwegian Rottweiler Club's specials in 2017 *

* We became the best breeders at the Norwegian Rottweiler Club's specials in 2018 *

* We became the best breeders at the Norwegian Rottweiler Club's specials in 2019 *

Best Regards Christina
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